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Adopted March 14, 2009
1. Any vehicle in Strata 799’s four parking lots not displaying a valid parking pass during the ski season may be towed away at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

2. As of March 14th, 2009, every official dwelling in Strata 799 of which there are presently two hundred and forty-one (241) will receive two (2) owner parking passes at no cost.
Adopted October 10, 2009

3. There shall be no open burning or Briquette BBQ’s May to October or during forest fire service bans within the boundaries of Strata 799 common property or the four parking lots leased to the Corporation.

4. Further to Strata 799 Bylaw section 3(3), an owner, tenant or visitor must pick up and dispose of droppings from his or her dog or other large animal.

5. Without Strata Council approval, there will be no grooming, at Strata 799 expense, of Strata 799 Common Property other then on the present winter roads.

6. Further to Strata 799 Bylaw 30(4), no person shall operate any “All Terrain Vehicle” within the boundaries of Strata 799 during the period of “non-operation” of the Mt Washington Ski Resort Ltd ski facilities without having obtained from the Strata Council prior written authority to do so.
Adopted December 13. 2009

7. If Village Representative is requested to provide a temporary parking pass, that they charge a $10.00 fee.

8. Tobogganing, tubing or sliding (other than skiing/boarding), is prohibited within the Strata 799 Village.

9. Buses delivering guests to VIS 799 can drop guests in the parking lots(s) closest to their accommodation but the bus bus must park in the Main Parking Lot in a designated parking area.

10. When 6 inches or more of snow accumulates on and around a vehicle parked in any of the AVS 799 parking lots, the outward facing end of the vehicle (i.e.: the end of the vehicle exposed to the travel lane of the parking lot) and both sides of the vehicle must be cleared.  Any vehicles not cleared the owner/operator is responsible for any damage incurred, not AVS799 or their contractors or employees.  If a vehicle is not cleared it will be towed from the parking lot.